You are invited to join us as we grow in the love, knowledge and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are endeavoring to establish the Kingdom of God in this area by equipping and training people who are hungry for truth, the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. If you have never heard about the love of God, salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ and the works of the Holy Spirit, we invite you to see how “super” natural God really is. He cares for you.

Our Purpose

  • To teach, train, activate and mature you, so you can do the same kind of works that Jesus did, operating in God’s full authority.
  • Each member of our church (adults & children) is trained to lay hands on the sick, pray with authority, worship, prophecy and operate and minister in the gifts of the Spirit.
  • To help you flow in the spiritual gifts God has designed specifically for you to use and operate in the purpose for which you’ve been created and called by Him.
  • Establish the Kingdom of Heaven in this area through intercessory prayer and by each believer (saint) taking their full position in the Army of God.